Simply Saline


Normal saline 0.9% Saline solution- bag size depends on health conditions and also height/weight.

Simply said it just gives your body the drink it’s been needing! Quick and effective!


Cocktail Ingredients: Normal Saline 0.9 %

Be sure to add on boosters below to customize your IV!

x 1 Hour(s)



When water is lost, IV solutions restore fluid balance

The human body is made up of about 60% water, with two-thirds of it stored intracellularly. The rest is found in blood vessels and between the cells. Water makes up 73% of the brain and heart; 83% of the lungs; 79% of the muscles and kidneys; and 64% of the skin.

Water is essential to every living cell.

Some of its functions:

Necessary for cellular metabolism and building materials

Regulation of internal body temperature, through respiration and sweating

Transport of protein and carbohydrates

Elimination of waste through urine and feces

Shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord Joint lubrication


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