329 Medicinal Marijuana Appointment

329 Medicinal Marijuana Appointment

Cost: 1-year renewal – $38.50 paid to the department of health

Cost: $100 cost to medical provider

Log on to: https://health.hawaii.gov/medicalcannabisregistry/application-information/

Then place my name in as the medical provider: Lucky Robinson, AGPC-NP  ( leave out the degree/license initials only place the full name) followed by APRN

This application will then come to my inbox, and you will be evaluated in person and IF you qualify for the 329 card your information will be sent off to the Dept. of Health- DOH. An in-person exam must be conducted prior to this being sent over to the Dept of Health.

Please call the clinic at (808)378-2400  to get scheduled and once your scheduled it would be necessary to register with the above link and information and fee ( $38.50 1 year non-refundable) will be sent to the Department of Health prior to your in-person visit. Once evaluated and seen by the medical provider upon completion a $100 exam fee will be due at time of service.  Aloha!