All in One

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Our most comprehensive wellness IV treatment combines IV fluid with amino acids, boost immunity, provide energy, and help to decrease appetite and increase metabolism.

(exercise and good diet in conjunction with this combo is needed for max effect)

Cocktail Ingredients: Super Mic (Vitamin B complex), Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, Vitamin B12 , Glutathione Push

x 1 Hour(s)



This ‘all-in-one’ vitamin concoction specializes in optimizing your physical performance and neurological functions. Help fight fatigue, chronic inflammation, illness and insomnia. This treatment is especially effective in boosting your immune system and your mental & physical performance, as well as helping to combat stress.


If you have….

‣ Increased anxiety

‣ Excessive stress

‣ Inability to focus

‣ Greater daily fatigue

‣ Over demanding work schedule

‣ Poor immune system

..Get this IV!