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Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Alaina Mandel

Holistic Health Coach
Alaina Mandel, HHC
(443) 602-5522

Alaina Mandel is a Holistic Health Coach who specializes in helping people uncomplicate wellness, starting with the gut. She believes in food as healing medicine and will help you get back to the basics and learn truly, uncomplicated wellness.
Using a holistic approach, she works with you to understand what areas of your health and life are imbalanced to help you target and achieve your ultimate health goals. From healing the gut microbiome to exploring why healthy habits haven’t stuck in the past, Alaina takes a whole-health, comprehensive approach towards helping you create a solid and life-long foundation of health. She advocates for wellness upkeep to avoid the cost that illness demands.

I made this program because I once needed it and still come back to it. I’ve been where you are… bloated after meals, feeling like I couldn’t digest anything, anxious about my body, wanting to avoid social events that involved food. As a young girl, my favorite foods were grilled cheese, pizza, string cheese, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and cereal. This highly inflammatory, nutrient-deprived diet, combined with multiple rounds of antibiotics and severe emotional stress, and my gut was a total wreck. So, I have been where you are today. I feel for where you are and I am so excited that you are wanting to take the leap into true wellness.

Working with a Holistic Health Coach is a significant investment in yourself. It requires time, consistency and commitment to shift unhealthy habits and create a solid foundation for healthy living.