Immune Booster

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Cold and flu symptoms, seasonal allergies, reduce oxidative stress, cleanse your body,  protect against free radicals, supercharge your immune system to help and protect your body from illness.

Cocktail Ingredients: Vitamin C, B12, Glutathione (push), Magnesium, Zinc

x 1 Hour(s)



An Immunity Drip is formulated to maximize the immune response of your body and protect it, so you can keep working hard and enjoying life.

This drip contains a high dose of vitamin C and zinc, which both have a critical role in your body’s detox and natural defense system.

Receiving these key nutrients through IV therapy enhances their absorption, delivering them directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the need to be digested and then absorbed. You will feel the effects of the Immunity Drip working immediately.


  • Protects from or fights viral and bacterial infections, the common cold, seasonal allergies, or the flu.
  • Improves healing time from surgery
  • Improves hydration during sickness
  • Builds up your immune system
  • Improves conditions caused by allergies and asthma
  • Reduces duration of illnesses

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