Super MIC (B complex)


The MIC Super B injection is a like a big kick-start to the body’s metabolism – the function that burns energy – and fat – in your body. The liver is also stimulated resulting in an increased rate of metabolism.

x 20 Min(s)


All the B complex vitamins that also has Methionine Inositol Choline help the liver process fat cells that have already been broken down by the body

MIC Super B Injections are a safe, simple and easy way to boost wellbeing.

The MIC Super B injection is a very safe pharmaceutical blend of B-complex vitamins and non-essential amino acids that support weight loss, overall liver function, detoxification and regulate the body’s metabolism.

Because the injection contains vital nutrients required for ATP production (critical for every cell in your body!) the injection can potentially boost energy and vitality and aid in detoxification and elimination of toxins.

The MIC Super B injection is an adjunct to diet and exercise to promote weight loss.

The benefits of MIC Super B injections are many:

• Aids weight loss (in conjunction with medically supervised program)
• Breaks down artery fats and helps prevent cholesterol build up
• Metabolizes fats and carbohydrates more efficiently
• Assists in eliminating abnormal fatty deposits
• Increases oxygenation of the muscle tissue to improve performance
• Reduces anxiety and stress due to improved nervous system resilience
• Supports liver function, detoxification and regulation of the metabolism